An overview of our wines

Celestino “Elite”

Dry Red Wine
Our “Elite” wine is made with exceptional care from the finest hand-picked grapes. Using new French oak barrels, a super modern production process, and the years of experience of our winemaker Celestino Gomez Verdu, we have created a wine that can compete with the best wines in the world.

Don Carlos

Dry Red Wine
Our Don Carlos range consists of three great red wines.  Each Don Carlos represents a different type of red wine, ranging from the soft and complex Tempranillo to a powerful blend of three grape varieties.  Enough to enjoy and discover for all red wine lovers.

Doña Josefa Verdú

Dry Red – White – Rosé Wine
Our Doña Josefa Verdú wines are part of our “premium” house wine range. The extraordinary quality of these red, white, and rose wines matches perfectly with culinary high-quality dishes. A must for the real bon vivant!

La Alberquilla

Dry Red – White – Rosé Wine
These “La Alberquilla” wines are part of our special house wine series. The exceptional quality of these wines really makes the difference compared to many other house wines.  In short, a special addition for every restaurant and lover of a special glass of wine.

La Tierra

Dry Red – White Wine
This wine is a real Spanish country wine made from typical Spanish grape varieties. Its accessibility, soft taste and freshness make it a wine for every wine lover. You can taste the sun in your glass.

El Barril

Dry Red – White -Semi Sweet Wine
This is a traditionally made regional wine.  The grape varieties used are specially selected for this wine.  It is a light and accessible wine that is easy to drink.  In short, this wine is very well suited for events and parties.


Cava Brut – Brut Rosé
This dry, sparkling wine is made from traditional grape varieties.  The bubbles in the wine are created by using the centuries-old “Methode Champenoise”.  A characteristic high-quality cava.


Sangria Red – White
This Sangria is traditionally made using only native grape varieties. Served cold and mixed with fresh fruits, it is a delicious Mediterranean summer drink.

Dessert Wine

Sweet Dessert Wine
Our dessert wine is made from hand-picked Moscatel grapes. The complexity is enormous and every sip is a new experience. This wine is perfect to combine with sweet desserts and is a wonderful ending to any meal.
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