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  • In the Alicante region, in south-eastern Spain, there is a special place on the foothills of “Sierra del Carche”
  • The new Vivanza Winery was built in 2009 close to the old “La Alberquilla” Winery

Our History

In the Alicante region, in south-eastern Spain, there is a special place on the foothills of “Sierra del Carche”.
Our special place is called “La Alberquilla” which means “The Inn” In this area, the soil and climate are perfect for producing outstanding wines.

In the 19th century this old estate was owned by the Verdú family, led by the legendary Doña Josefa Verdú.
Together with her husband, Don Carlos Verdú, she managed to reveal the hidden treasures of their native soil.

With her passion and great knowledge of winemaking she managed to obtain excellent harvests and great quality wine,Doña Josefa Verdú started exporting to the USA and Cuba, earning her international accolades when she won the “The Honor Medal” for the best wine at the world ́s fair held in Chicago in 1893.

Nowadays, nearby the old estate, we operate a modern winery called “Vivanza” where our famous winemaker Celestino Gomez Verdú produces top class wines.


The lion on our labels stands for strength and passion, both needed to make excellent wine.

The idea of using this lion on our labels comes from the old “La Alberquilla” winery.

There are two ornaments on the main entrance of the residential building owned by the Verdú family.
These ornaments, so called “door-knockers”, are shaped as lions Old Doña can be seen in these door-knockers.

The lion acts as her seal of approval that the wine meets the highest quality standards.
Doña Josefa Verdú watches over “her” winery and vineyards forever……

Vivanza winery

The new Vivanza Winery was built in 2009 close to the old “La Alberquilla” winery.

The winery is equipped with the most modern winemaking technology.
From the harvest of the grapes until the fermentation of the must, the grapes are treated in the best possible way and monitored throughout the different production stages.

Our cellar is made in such a way that we are able to create the best wines.
The use of French and American oak barrels, to mature the wine, enriches the quality and flavours.
Having full control from grape to wine guarantees the production of best quality wines.


In the outback of the province of Alicante, on the foothills of “Sierra del Carche” and close to the small wine village Pinoso, you can find the vineyards of our Vivanza winery.

At an altitude of 500 meters (~1,600ft) on the south-eastern slope, there are ideal conditions for growing grapes.
The climate is characterized by very hot, dry summers and cold winters
During summer there are temperature differences of ~20°C between day and night, which benefits the pigmentation and dryness of the wine.

The total area of the Vivanza vineyards is more than 220 hectares
All vineyards are equipped with an irrigation system.

White Grapes : Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Verdil.

Red Grapes : Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Tempranillo, Monastrell and Pinot Noir.


Sandy Soil – abundance of limestone.
Sandy or light soil is characterized by a predominant
sand content. It has increased air and water conductivity, but barely retains moisture. This soil warms well and cools quickly. It gives “light” wines and in our vineyards.
Chardonnay, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc grow on this soil.

Stony Soil – deep and almost no clay.
On this soil grapes ripen earlier.
The root system of the vine in this soil begins to develop more
actively and grows deeper for the search of water.
This so called “suffering” of the vine subsequently gives complex
and well-structured wines such as Syrah, Tempranillo and Pinot Noir.

Pseudo-Clay and Clay Soil.
Clayey – or heavy soil is denser and more viscous.
It saves moisture well and give bright, tannic wines.
Limestone soil which is rich in calcium retain moisture well and give powerful and fragrant wines with bright acidity and complex Aromas Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell grow on this soil.


The vineyards of Vivanza winery have a total area of 220 hectares and an annual total production capacity of 2 million bottles.

The annual harvest covers a period from August 20th until mid-October depending on the weather.

In our cellar we have 166 barrels of American and French oak, each with a capacity of 225 liters (59,4 gallons).

There is also a special lab to test the grapes and wines
The entire production takes place in the winery itself and is led by our winemaker Celestino Gomez Verdú.


At Vivanza Winery, our mission as a family-owned business is to provide our customers with delicious, award-winning, quality wines that are all hand-crafted locally
We provide an unparalleled selection of wines with something to satisfy every palate, from unique, fruit-infused wines to traditional white and red varietals and more!
We treat our customers as we would good friends, combining accurate, timely, dependable and exceptional customer service with a friendly rapport and welcoming atmosphere
We are dedicated to the continuous growth and development of our people and business
We are consistently working to improve our wines and customer experience, as well as working to increase the availability and awareness of Vivanza Winery’s products and services to the general public
Vivanza Winery believes that great wine-making starts with a passion for wine
We have successfully translated our passion into a business we love and are proud of
We take pride in selecting the best ingredients and using a traditional, hands-on approach to wine making that is guided by our talented winemaker(s) every step along the process
It is our dedication to quality and process that results in our outstanding, award- winning wines that can be enjoyed by everyone!

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